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L&W CSF Tester
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L&W CSF Tester

L&W CSF Tester is designed to give a measure of the rate at which a dilute suspension of pulp may be dewatered. The drainage rate has been shown to be related to the surface conditions and swelling of the fibres. It is also a useful index of the amount of mechanical treatment given to the pulp.


  • A light weight non-corrosive drainage chamber with suspension volume – 1000 ml
  • Result volume expressed in ml, of the filtrate from the side orifice of the rate measuring funnel (original design)
  • Top and bottom lids of the chamber are operated by a light pressure on the release handles
  • Dilution through a specified (standard) perforated brass screen plate (97 holes with 0,5 diameter per cm²)
  • Measurement glass cylinder or balance can be used
  • Two consecutive measurements with a difference greater than 2% shall be repeated

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