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Measure optical properties on both sides simultaneously

Now it is possible to save time by measuring optical properties on both sides of a paper sample simultaneously. Since printing grades normally are printed on both sides, knowing the optical properties on both sides is important.

With the new L&W Autoline 400 module – L&W Autoline Colour, Brightness, Opacity (lower side), there is no longer a need to run the sample a second time to get the complete information of both sides’ optical properties. The new module contains a standard Elrepho spectrophotometer.

Elrepho is the paper industry’s own spectrophotometer. It measures colour, brightness, opacity and whiteness of paper, paperboard, pulp, coating inks and fillers. The measurement conforms to all established standards for optical measurements, i.e. SCAN, DIN, ISO, TAPPI, CPPA and AFNOR. Important details such as cut-off filters and measurement aperture also comply with ISO 2469.