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New online system for pulp testing

L&W Pulp Tester is a reliable and repeatable system for control of pulp quality, such as fibre morphology, freeness, shives and optical properties. Measurements conform to established industry standards and together with the latest and fastest technique, it is a major help in achieving uniform paper quality and stable runnability.

No matter what pulp is produced, it is important to fully understand the process and have reliable data. L&W Pulp Tester is the perfect choice for all pulp and papermaking applications. One application is mechanical pulp.

Mechanical Pulp
Online measurement of pulp quality is a necessity today. Optimization and control of pulp quality based on frequent pulp quality analysis save more than 5% of refiner energy consumption giving fast return on invested capital. Optimal settings of a dozen of parameters are not possible without relevant measurements.

L&W Pulp Tester
L&W Pulp Tester provides internal consistency measurements, which is important for standardized measurement of freeness. Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) measurements are important for production of mechanical pulp and used for monitoring the refining effects of the over all pulp quality. It is measured according to standard and performed automatically – forget about complicated mathematical calibration procedures! Correct Fibre length distribution measurement indicates the condition of refiners and grinders, contributing to refining energy and lifetime optimization of refiner segments and grinder stones. Together with the Shives measurement the refiner and screening processes are monitored and the final pulp quality can be optimized. Shives content and distributions are measured with optical technique and with better statistical significance than ever. Measurements of optical properties on mechanical pulp are very important for high-quality printing paper producers. The optical properties module is recommended, for measurements according to standard ISO Brightness.

Other applications for L&W Pulp Tester
Measurements of pulp quality for chemical pulps are quite established with L&W STFI FIbermaster and measured properties (deformations, length, width, fines, vessel cells, composition) are now complemented with automatic coarseness in L&W Pulp Tester.
Freeness is used for optimization and control of refiners in stock preparation. In this process fibre deformations also can be optimized as well as the pulp blend for each grade. A uniform pulp quality minimizes brakes and deviations from the quality targets, and optimizes the paper machine performance (in terms of energy, production and quality). L&W Pulp Tester will also be an important tool for recycled pulp and DIP.

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