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Dynamic absorption testing

The Dynamic Absorption test (the DAT method) method involves dynamic analysis of sorption on a paper or paper board surface. This is an empirical way to determine the substrate’s performance in later processing e.g. printing and gluing operations. The performance of the coated surface can be monitored. The use of sizing additives can be monitored and optimised for each product in question. By measuring the absorption rate the water repellence can be determined. This method may be useful in other applications where the liquid penetration of the surface is important to know.

When used in Autoline 400 the DAT works fully automatic. A droplet of water is applied on the paper surface. The dynamic change of the contact angle drop volume is determined by measuring at 2, 5 and 10 seconds after drop application. Usually this measurement takes place at several positions across the reel.

For detailed information please see the application handbook: Measuring Dynamic Absorption and wetting with the DAT-method.