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Christian Lorentzen

In 1895 there were two Norwegians, Christian Lorentzen and Einar Wettre, with a business concept. A concept that has been developed and refined over the years, but the basic idea hatched by the two Norwegian gentlemen remains unchanged: To supply advanced technical equipment to the pulp and paper industry.

This is our story, which we want to share with you for no better reason than we are proud of it, and it is an important part of our identity. The years have furnished us with experience, which continues to form the basis of our expertise. It is our expertise which, some eleven decades after the founding of the company, that has placed us in a world leading position, both in terms of quality and market share. Our mission is to deliver value to our customers. Our rich heritage has furnished us with the means to face the future and continue leading the way. Follow us into the future, by learning about our past .

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Einar Wettre


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